Camp lineup in a semi-circle

Many noticed a small but perhaps symbolic difference in the line-up formation at Camp with Tom Forster in charge.

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Rick Mc

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3 thoughts on “Camp lineup in a semi-circle”

  1. It’s weird and meaningless that people care about this. Line-ups happen at gyms all across the country, every day at the start of practice. It’s not military or indoctrination, it’s usually just a brief moment to come together as a team and talk about the business of the day ahead of starting workout. It’s also a bonding thing, one of the few times in an individual sport that you feel like a group. Gymnastics has a lot of problems. This is not one of them.


    1. Not to mention it’s crazy likely that they did this FOR THE PICTURE. Like, not everyone could fit in it if they were standing in a line. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Sitting in a circle, standing in a line, herded together in a clump, this is stuff that doesn’t matter one whit.


  2. semi circular means everyone is equidistance from the high performance director….lol… also their standing position seems a little more relaxed compared to the old days….


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