Mary Lee Tracy new elite development coordinator

USA Gymnastics Women’s Program leadership has named Mary Lee Tracy of Cincinnati, Ohio, as the new elite development coordinator. …

Tracy will oversee the developmental pipeline for women’s gymnastics, which includes Hopes, the Developmental Program and the Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs). …


MLT is definitely qualified. I’m a big fan of the coaching tutorials posted by Mary Lee, too.

On the other hand, the pick is controversial as she’s definitely — like Tom — a part of the Karolyi system. And she’s been more vocal online defending the Ranch.

Still, I get the feeling they are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

How can USAG survive the coming onslaught of litigation?

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Rick Mc

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4 thoughts on “Mary Lee Tracy new elite development coordinator”

  1. This is a disaster choice. So disappointing. MLT has repeatedly defended the Karolyis. She has also frequently done interviews where she has essentially mocked aspects of her former gymnasts. That is entirely unprofessional. It is also well known that she has pushed religion on gymnasts at CGA. How is any of this moving USAG beyond its past transgressions?


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