former coach Jeff Thompson sues Penn State

Former Penn State women’s gymnastics coach Jeff Thompson filed a lawsuit accusing the university of disregarding its duty to protect his reputation after the university mandated he not speak with the media. …

According to the lawsuit, increasing pressure from alumni and the media prompted Rachelle Thompson to resign June 30, 2016. Jeff Thompson continued as coach and began filming all practices with an iPad to protect against potential allegations. …

“Coach Thompson was terminated for comments made between him and assistant coaches Josh Nilson and Kera Molinaro, which occurred in his private office or public areas with no one else around” the lawsuit said. …

Why this former Penn State coach is suing and what he hopes to get

Recall all the problems back then. The accusations were of mental and verbal abuse. Read why one of the Penn gymnasts — Alyssa DiFrancesco — quit.

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