what is Kerry Perry thinking?

… Thursday, Perry pushed out the vice president of the women’s program, Rhonda Faehn, who was heading a national team training camp in Crossville, Tenn., at the time. Athletes complained about her forced departure on social media posts, and the remainder of the camp was canceled.

By Friday, Perry was announcing a restructuring of the organization at the USA Gymnastics headquarters in Indianapolis, with at least nine layoffs, including Faehn, the head of the organization’s nascent athlete protection program, and seven other employees. …

She told staff in a two-minute meeting that the cuts were necessary because “our organization is facing a great deal of pressure on many fronts” and “to better adapt to the current climate, restructuring was necessary.”

Faehn said in an email that athletes’ welfare had been her “absolute top priority.” She added: “I did not resign as I did not feel that suddenly abandoning the national team athletes was in the best interest of their safety or emotional well being.” …

On Monday, Perry apologized to team members and their parents for “the disruption and confusion created at last week’s” camp, adding that it was “truly unfortunate,” and said she had made USA Gymnastics’ Junior Olympic program director Annie Heffernon the interim vice president of the women’s program. …

Wall Street Journal – USA Gymnastics Is Still Struggling With Internal Upheaval

The article hints that USAG might have to declare bankruptcy if they agree to even one major settlement.

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