National Championships … the morning after

1. UCLA 198.0750
2. Oklahoma 198.0375
3. Florida 197.8500
4. LSU 197.8375
5. Utah 196.9000
6. Nebraska 196.8000

Here’s the moment where Peng clinched the win for UCLA.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.


• it was an honour to see so many superb athletes at one place, one time

• J.O. / NCAA is the best Gymnastics league in the world

if Elite was cancelled tomorrow, hardly anyone in this system would notice

• Floor is much better LIVE than on YouTube

RESPECT for those young women who compete far more than minimum difficulty

Skinner, Lee, Nichols, etc.

• Judging rules are stupid. Goal is marketing / publicity, not accurately ranking routines. Somehow they mostly got the ranking right.

Actually, @Yarotska and friends judged online. They had OU 197.4, UCLA 197.35. But conceded that it could have gone either way.

• Oklahoma was easily the best team. Yet UCLA found a way to win despite having a poor opening Vault rotation.

Chris Waller chewed out the Bruins in the locker room. They responded.

• I feel badly for LSU. They do pretty much everything right. Yet haven’t won it all yet.

• I feel great for Nebraska. And even better for Georgia. #respect

Click PLAY or watch Nebraska coach Dan Kendig on Twitter.

• Spencer (Balance Beam Situation) is the #1 College pundit in my opinion. Yet the dinosaurs of the NCAA denied him a media credential. ☹️

I long ago gave up trying for NCAA credentials. It’s far too much hassle.

• It seems to me fewer gymnasts were taped up this year. And were there fewer season ending injuries in the NCAA in 2018?

• Byes are idiotic. I’m looking forward to the new post-season structure starting 2019.

I’m not looking forward to 4 years in Fort Worth. That’s a disincentive for me to attend.

After the horror of the Nassar crimes, having meets like this to celebrate is one way for the sport to start healing.

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One thought on “National Championships … the morning after”

  1. The blatant over scoring and favoritism for UCLA and Oklahoma was crazy this year nearly every meet skinner was underscored with no differences in the championship they were top two definitely but this stupid judging favoritism was a joke skinner still getting screwed for past actions she should have beaten Maggie it shows subjective scoring leads to favoritism


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