hey journalists – no crotch shots

This message is slowly getting through to mainstream sports media.

But I did see a few during Commonwealth Games coverage. ☹️

Heart this tweet.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

4 thoughts on “hey journalists – no crotch shots”

  1. Rick,
    I’m not sure what you’re attempting to communicate here….you don’t want crotch shots, but you support TracyB’s position?

    (WARNING, politically incorrect view about to be expressed:)

    this whole crotch shot stuff is nonsense……..it’s all CYA from organizations trying to intimidate their membership and convince the public that they’re (read: USAG) now “tuff guys”….

    USAGs not “serious” about this issue, not really…

    go to the USAG website…..
    go to their photography section
    open ANY rhythmic competition folder
    lots of crotch shots……

    can you explain this Toby Stark or Mark Busby?


    1. No crotch shots.

      If USAG posts any crotch shots, we should call them out. Copy the CEO and Safe Sport people

      I’ve been seeing far fewer from the general media. I did see a couple during Commonwealth Games – from INDIA, I seem to recall.


  2. this particular “beyond the pale violation of young personhood” (insert eyeroll here) is not considered so heinous in India….there’s other transgressions considered more offensive in that culture


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