Australia – gender equality among elite coaches

For the first time the Commonwealth Games will achieve gender equality in the number of medals awarded at the Gold Coast, so sports officials have now turned their attention to a glaring imbalance between men and women in the coaching ranks …

At the previous Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, just 10 per cent of the Australian coaches were female …

The AIS and Commonwealth Games Australia are collaborating on a program designed to accelerate the development of eight female high-performance coaches, by bringing them to the Games for mentoring and education. …

The Australian

We all need to encourage girls and women to coach all apparatus.

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7 thoughts on “Australia – gender equality among elite coaches”

    1. Thanks Tonya. What you address is the issue of reverse discrimination.

      I feel female coaches have been discouraged from coaching Bars. Andrei Rodiennko, for example, when Canadian National Coach, told national team female coaches NOT to coach Bars. To get a male assistant.

      In my opinion we need to actively reverse that old bias. There’s no reason women can’t coach Bars. I encourage them to do so at every opportunity.


      1. I wonder why he would not allow women coaches at bars though? I am just thinking, if a girl flies off and needs to be caught, would it not be advantageous to have a man ready to catch instead of a woman?


        1. Let’s teach kids how to fall safely from day 1. Then have sufficient matting beneath for every situation.

          Men’s coaches almost never catch their guys in competition. They are taught how to fall.


  1. I was once told that I should look into hiring a male coach to do all the spotting for me… What that did was the total opposite… I thought screw you if you think I can’t do it myself. I put in tons of hours strength training myself, I am definately strong enough and capable of spotting.


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