4 thoughts on “OK … Axelle Klinckaert’s choreography”

  1. I love it! It is weird, original and a routine people talk about! Only the Dutch and Belgium girls really invest in the dance which is fantastic to see!
    Great tumbling as well!!!!


  2. Nothing crazy, but I couldn’t support it. Some poses are a bit unartistic. The choreo in general contradicts to preparation steps for leaps (to arm work especially), which are made on classical basis. It’s almost an impossible task for a non -proffessional modern style dancer to make such choreo look suetable, and even everybody’s favorite Eithora looks much better with a classical dance style routine.

    But as i said, there’s nothing crazy about it, and if one wants to dance this way, ok.


  3. I don’t have sound on my computer so watching without the associated music, I might change my mind once I watch with the music but… Theres uniqueness that for sure, but the dance combined with the facial expressions made it seem like she was making it up on the spot and making fun of the sport. If she didn’t have as good of tumbling that she did I would have guessed she was some random spectator that escaped the stands and was making up a routine infront of the judges.


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