Akash Modi interview

Former NCAA Champion and 2017 Nissen-Emery Award winner Akash Modi will be competing at the Stuttgart World Cup.

Good luck.

Here’s a recent interview.

GBC – What gym did you attend during your JO & Elite years and who were your coaches?

AM – I went to Monmouth Gymnastics Academy for my JO career from the age of 6 to 18, after which I moved to Stanford University where I’ve been for the last 4.5 years. My coach back at MGA was Yuriy Aminov, and my coaches here at Stanford are Thom Glielmi, Karl Ziehn, and Syque Caesar. …

BC – Did you find it difficult to train your Elite routines while still competing at the collegiate level?

AM – Not at all! In fact, competing in collegiate competition allowed me to experiment with new skills and routines that I would have been hesitant to do in higher pressure Elite level meets. Having a competition nearly every weekend during the collegiate season helped me gain confidence in my routines and my ability to compete well …

GBC – What goals do you have leading up to 2020?

AM – My personal goals are to improve my execution and the look of my gymnastics to be competitive with the top guys in the world. My team goals are to make the World Championships teams for 2018 and 2019 and bring back a team medal for the US. …

GBC – Who is your gymnastics idol?

AM – Raj Bhavsar

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One reason I try to avoid watching millionaire sportsmen on TV is that guys like Modi are training even harder yet have trouble meeting their monthly bills.

You can support Akash on this site:


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