Wrist Injuries in Men’s Gymnastics

Dave Tilley:

1. Regularly Screen Weight Bearing Wrist Extension
2. Maintain Soft Tissue Quality in Forearms
3. Carefully Consider Work : Rest Ratios
4. Maintain Overhead Mobility
5. Progressively Build Compressive Wrist Strength Over Time

Combatting Wrist Injuries in Men’s Gymnastics: 5 Tips For Training

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Pommels is our biggest concern. The vast majority of older competitors endure a lot of pain.

Some reduce pain with tape or wrist supports.

I’d add a few more tips. Try everything. What works for one gymnast might not work for others.

• Spend more time on the Pommels than off. Reduce numbers on Mushroom, increase numbers on Buck Horse with Pommels. Avoid Circles on Floor, if you can.

Pommel Colt

• On Pommels ask gymnasts to grip tightly. Be exacting in hand placement.

• Fewer turns with more focus. Don’t waste turns. Have contests where hit assignments are rewarded with reduced numbers.

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