Eddie Van Hoof being investigated

“The suspension is not a disciplinary penalty, and indeed does not imply any assumption of guilt,” a statement said.

“British Gymnastics confirms that an independent investigation is being conducted into allegations of misconduct relating to Eddie Van Hoof, pending the outcome of which he has been suspended.”

The allegations being investigated have not been specified publicly.

BBC – Eddie van Hoof: British Gymnastics suspends coach amid investigation

I can hardly think of a National Team coach less likely to be guilty of … anything. Let’s wait on the results of this investigation.

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4 thoughts on “Eddie Van Hoof being investigated”

  1. there is no one in gymnastics that has more integrity than Eddie…I am confident that an “honest and unbiased” investigation will prove whatever allegations groundless.


    1. I trained under Eddie and Eddie Arnald in the late 80’s. Not sure what this is about but I remember Eddie being professional but also very helpful. I hope all is resolved..



  2. I find it disturbing that “Jim from Seattle” and Sean Bowman and even you, Rick, could be so presumptuous as to assume that just because your dealings with this man were positive and raised no suspicions, that it must therefore be unlikely that he is guilty of anything. Statements such as these are part of why rape culture persists. It’s what makes victims reluctant to come forward, and it’s what enables perpetrators to continue their abuse. My suggestion is that you refrain from sharing your personal opinion on such matters, because your personal opinion of some man, some coach, or some doctor means literally nothing when it comes to accusations of misconduct. Of course a perpetrator seems unlikely of whatever they are being accused of- they intentionally cultivate a good reputation specifically so that their misconduct can fly under the radar, so that people doubt the victim, so that they can continue to behave however they want with no ramifications. But as long as other men like all of you think they’re swell fellows, well then they must be, right?


  3. Furthermore, I realize now that he is being investigated for intimidation/ bullying tactics and not sexual misconduct, so I should have said “culture of abuse” instead of “rape culture” in my previous comment. But the patterns in both systems of abuse are the same, and people speaking out in defense of these alleged perpetrators with no consideration for the fact that the victims’ experiences can differ from your own, they are no better than the people who tried to defend Larry Nassar by citing their own positive interactions with him.


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