Kazakhstan’s Milad Karimi interviewed

How is Gymnastics in Kazakhstan these days?

Not good according to a very personal, outspoken interview with the World’s 2017 FX finalist:

Other guys and I were always told the same thing: if there will be medals, we’ll create good training conditions for you. Great, I gave results in 2017, why hasn’t anything changed? For example, we have really bad conditions in Almaty. When it snows, it becomes impossible to train in our gym in the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism – we can get seriously injured because it’s too cold in the gym. So it means that in winter we don’t have a place to train properly, we’re only doing conditioning because it’s not comfortable to train fully clothed in our only gym. …

A: I’m getting paid a bit more than 200,000 tenge a month now [around $600].

Q: What salary did you have before, if it’s not a secret.

A: In 2015, I was paid 15,000 tenge [$45], in 2016 – 30,000 tenge [$90], from January till May 2017 – 110,000 tenge [$333] and from June till September 140,000 tenge [$424]. …


Click PLAY or watch his FX on YouTube.

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