top 64 U.S. Olympic gymnasts

GymnasticsVille has a new feature where they are counting down the top 64 Olympians all time.

The first instalment:

64. Alexander Naddour
63. Phoebe Mills
62. Peter Kormann
61. Jair Lynch
60. Kai Wen Tan
59. Joesph Hagerty
58. Elise Ray
57. Alexander Artemov
56. Kristen Maloney
55. Tasha Schwirret Warren
54. Justin Spring
53. Raj Bhavsar
52. Jamie Dantzscher

Click PLAY or watch Tasha’s Beam on YouTube.

Schwikert Warren helped the U.S. women win a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympic Games. At the 2001 World Gymnastics Championships she won a team gold medal. Schwikert Warren is a two-time U.S. senior national all-around champion and a two-time NCAA all-around national champion.

See more videos – #GymnastRank USA Olympians Nos. 52-64

GymnasticsVille is an audiocast. But you can’t subscribe to their podcast through iTunes. Listen from their website

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Rick Mc

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3 thoughts on “top 64 U.S. Olympic gymnasts”

  1. Rick, why do you bother to post stuff like this? I get that its just “fans” having fun (read: too much free time), but christ, a list which has Peter Kormann 63rd is simply nonsense.


    1. There was a site I followed called Get Outdoor Blog. They categorized things like this a “meaningless lists“.

      It’s a conversation starter. Certainly I appreciate that site and want to keep linking to them. They are doing some good stuff.


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