Valeri responds to the Vanessa Atler interview

“I am sorry Vanessa’s experience wasn’t positive during her time at WOGA. When asked to help during a difficult time for her, my intention as a coach was to help Vanessa achieve her dreams, not make her training situation more difficult,” says Liukin.

“My recollection of working with Vanessa is different and includes many positive experiences. Coaching techniques and perspectives have evolved since then, and I have grown as a coach through experience and expanding my knowledge.  Today, I firmly believe an athlete’s focus should be on training smart, with increased education in the areas of balanced nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle and communication.  This is the basis for our approach in women’s gymnastics.”

Former USA Gymnast Vanessa Atler Says She Developed an Eating Disorder Under Valeri Liukin: ‘I’m Still Messed Up’

If you haven’t listened to Vanessa’s interview on GymCastic #254, you should.

Her remembrances of her short time with Valeri at WOGA are nuanced and well balanced. This headline does not accurately sum up her memories.

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One thought on “Valeri responds to the Vanessa Atler interview”

  1. I hope he was able to listen to (or read a transcript of) all of it as it related to him. Though she did strongly criticize the obsession with weighing gymnasts, she also had good things to say about him (i.e., he really helped her with bars, she liked him otherwise as a coach and as a person). And she also said – much as he said – things have changed since then; she’s a different person now, and he surely is as well. I hope he didn’t just read the criticism because she was much fairer than it sounds in that link.

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