Air Force defeats Cal

The eighth-ranked Air Force men’s gymnastics team claimed the program’s first-ever victory over California on Saturday, March 4, as it downed the 10th-ranked Bears by a 403.900-395.750 margin during a triangular meet in Berkeley that included SC United (289.950). The Falcons’ victory snapped a 0-40 skid against their Mountain Pacific Sports Federation foes from California. …

Go Air Force

Congratulations Jeff Robinson.

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3 thoughts on “Air Force defeats Cal”

  1. Cal is in its 4th year with Brett (all but one gymnast has had him since they arrived as freshmen) and competition results are not good for the bears. His departure may be good for the program in some ways.


  2. @Gymkid. The Bears went from being fully funded to having no scholarships and getting almost no direct $ support from the University. It’s now a team of walk ons. They made the NCAA finals under Brett. Considering the resources available to them, they have done remarkably well. I don’t see losing Brett as good for the program.

    Considering the limitations Air Force has in recruiting (being willing to fight in a war), they are also doing very well. I was at the Cal – Air Force meet. Air Force looked very good.


    1. @Ono No Komachi. I have to disagree. In the same position (ie no scholarships) Tim managed to recruit one of, if not, the best recruiting class in the NCAA. Including Wolting, Patterson, Zemeir and a former level 10 national team member in Ko. In 4 years Brett has never come close to getting the same level of commitment. In fact he even denied a position on the team to a 2X national pommel champion (who would later go on to become one of the youngest NCAA champions in history). He said that they had no room for specialists on the team and a year later denied a a spot to the second best Junior at nationals on Rings. As a head coach he struggled to understand the dynamics of the program and made the team drug addict the “lifestyle” captain of the squad. After the team joined the “440 club” he failed to get them focused and ready for NCAA where they finished outside the top 10. He had a gymnast, who never made a single parallel bar routine in the two weeks prior to NCAA in practice, go first at prelims and watch him fall three times in 5 up 5 count. Brett was unprepared for managing the team. even though he has a great technical understanding of the gymnastics skills. Finally, I was also at the meet against Air Force and SC United and while Air Force was sharp the lack of consistency from Cal was disheartening.


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