Boise killing it

Lauren Green:

Boise State may have climbed to its highest ranking in program history last week, but it isn’t something that the Broncos are focused on. Head coaches Neil Resnick and Tina Bird have instilled a mentality that is progress-driven rather than outcome-driven. …

“Beam is such a key to a team,” Bird said. “If you’ve got a good beam score, it’s easier to have a good team score obviously. These guys did a lot of beam this summer. I think it’s the most beam I’ve ever had a team do in the summertime. I think that really is instrumental in putting us in the position we’re in now.” …

The Broncos have not had to count a fall on balance beam all season.

The real strength for BSU has been the uneven bars. Senior Diana Mejia has been a key piece for the Broncos on the event, contributing a 9.900 or better four times this season. …

Boise State Is Driven By The Process, Not By The Outcome Boise State Is Driven By The Process, Not By The Outcome

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One thought on “Boise killing it”

  1. Just as an FYI, the school doesn’t go by “Boise”, but rather “Boise State” (just as you wouldn’t call Michigan State by only Michigan).


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