whistleblowers – Yuliya and Vitaliy Stepanova

The acting head of the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA — Anna Antseliovich — was reported to have admitted to ‘institutional conspiracy’ of doping Olympic athletes.

RUSADA later said the NY Times reporter misrepresented her words.

Yuliya Igorevna Stepanova, née Rusanova (Russian: Юлия Игоревна Степанова (Русанова); born 3 July 1986) is a Russian runner who specializes in the 800 metres track event. She and her husband accused the Russia sports system of widespread doping fraud. …

On 26 February 2013, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced that Rusanova had been banned for two years following abnormalities in her biological passport. All of her results from 3 March 2011 were forfeited. …

Stepanova and her husband Vitaliy Stepanov, a former employee of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, wrote letters to the World Anti-Doping Agency describing doping in Russia but received little response. Deciding she needed more evidence, she began secretly recording conversations with coaches, athletes, and a doctor. …

As of 2016, they live in the United States. She is training to compete at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics. …

Yuliya and Vitaliy Stepanova

The family is in hiding, in fear of retaliation.

“The so-called doping scandal will encourage us to create in Russia the most advanced system of the fight against this evil,” Putin said during his annual state-of-the-nation address to the Federal Assembly.

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