female Olympic gymnasts getting older

… Puberty was a difficult period of transition for the gymnasts in Kerr’s study, but not the end of the line. If there were more awareness of that light at the end of the tunnel, fewer gymnasts might opt to retire—or be retired—when they hit that point.

Sometimes, gymnasts who push through find their adult bodies are capable of better gymnastics. American Anna Li’s elite career was a nonstarter when she was a teenager. It was only after doing NCAA gymnastics and returning to the elite scene in her 20s that she broke through. She competed one of the hardest bars routines in the world in 2012 and was named an alternate to the Olympic team. …

Kerr sees a shift in coaching philosophies as one of the biggest factors in the rise of older gymnasts. …

Despite being the youngest sport in Rio, age of gymnasts is going up


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One thought on “female Olympic gymnasts getting older”

  1. aly has commented today that she will try to go for 2020. Wow! I don’t know how she can keep going. I can definitely see that Biles will be back too. If anything, aly deciding to try for 2020 will motivate them all to try.


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