Rosie’s thank you note to Canada

Dear Canada,

The Olympics have come to a close and my hope is that the spirit and the energy of the Games will live on. The Olympics are an incredible celebration of humanity where 207 countries gather in one place, living as one community, share meals under the same roof and have one shared vision and idea: the pursuit of excellence. …

… The day before competition, all 16 competitors train on the competition equipment during the same time block.

There was a moment between my turns where I looked around, seeing all of these amazing women from around the world, training together under the Olympic Rings. In that moment, I was filled with pure joy.

I was so happy to be here. I was so happy to be training with the other athletes. It also didn’t hurt that my training was the best one I had had yet. …

If you’ve been moved or inspired by your team, keep the momentum going! Take your kids outside and play. Volunteer for local sporting programs or competitions. If you’re in a position to be able to, donate to help someone have the opportunity experience sport and pursue a dream. …

Rosie MacLennan pens thank you note to Canada

Rosie Flag

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