Hamblin & D’Agostino Olympic sportsmanship medals

I love Olympic stories like these. 🙂

They have been awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal, which has only been awarded previously 17 times in Olympic history.

Hamblin tripped and fell during the semi-final race and brought D’Agostino crashing down behind her.

D’Agostino was quickly up on her feet, but then stopped and helped Hamblin up and encouraged her to run with her. But the American then realised she had injured her knee – in fact she had torn her anterior cruciate ligament – and urged Hamblin to race on. But the Kiwi refused to leave her side and they completed the race together.

Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino awarded Olympic medals for sportsmanship


Thanks Jeremy.

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One thought on “Hamblin & D’Agostino Olympic sportsmanship medals”

  1. There is still some confusion with regard to the medals they won. Some source says International Fair Play Award. Others say Pierre de Coubertin medal. regardless, I love these moments. it makes up for the lochtegate.


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