Houry Gebeshian’s Best Meet Ever

Read an excellent interview on one of the feel good stories from Rio. 🙂


When and how did you decide to kiss the apparatuses after you finished competing on each? What’s the story behind this?


No story. I was not planning on doing it at all. Absolutely not. It came about because I finished my bar routine, I stuck my landing, I hit my newly invented skill pretty well…it was the best routine I could do and once I stuck my landing, I was like, that was awesome. If I could’ve let out one of those hawk screams like the boys do, I totally would have. I was so excited and it was like my way of saying thank you and being like yes, I did it. This is awesome. I hugged the bars and gave them a kiss, and then I ran off the podium


What’s next for you beyond this stage in your life? I know you have a lot going on with work and planning a wedding, but is there any way you’ll be able to stay involved with gymnastics?


I definitely want to stay involved. Especially with the Armenian federation. My whole goal with promoting myself and my journey was to get more publicity and more support to build an Armenian women’s gymnastics team. I really wanted to help get the resources needed to do that, so I’m hoping to be a mentor or coordinator for the future of an Armenian women’s program. …

Houry Gebeshian’s Best Meet Ever


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