toes together, heels apart

Though it’s less aesthetically pleasing, I don’t think we should deduct for this kind of position.

Many gymnasts cannot keep heels and toes together due to their anatomy.

(via Couch Gymnast)

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3 thoughts on “toes together, heels apart”

  1. I remember another gymnastics website mentioning that they were watching gymnastics with a friend who was a dancer, specifically Bross on bars. Interestingly, the dancer went on to say, using this form over and over is actually bad for the gymnast, increases the risk of injury. (I don’t remember where I heard this, wish I could find it.)


  2. I believe that Bross could not anatomically do otherwise than toes together heels apart. But it is not the case for Mustafina. It seems to be a choice. It is especially visible when she trasitions from one bar to the other.


    1. I agree. for most of the rest of the routine, Mustafina’s heels as well as toes are glued together, as in this 2012 gif

      It is the pak that seems to cause her the problem, but the kip, her ankles are back together.


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