After four Olympic Games and a decade as the leader of the German team, Fabian Hambuchen finally has his long-awaited gold at 28. The 2007 World champion on High Bar won bronze in 2008 and silver in 2012 but considered himself over the hill before the Rio Games, which he says will be his last. He nevertheless qualified first to the final.

The expected duel between Hambuechen and London gold medallist Epke Zonderland never materialized. “The Flying Dutchman” fell to his stomach a risky release combination and finished seventh. …


1. HAMBUECHEN Fabian GER 15.766
2. LEYVA Danell USA 15.500
3. WILSON Nile GBR 15.466

full results

Olympic Games Rio 2016: HAMBUECHEN Fabian/GER

How about this guy? Team alternate ends up double Olympic silver medalist. Olympics brings out the best in Danell.

YESSSS @danelljleyva 👌🏼🏅🏅💪🏼#AlternateSayWhat 😝

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