Bars: Mustafina, Kocian, Scheder

1. Aliya Mustafina 🇷🇺 15.900
2. Madison Kocian 🇺🇸 15.833
3. Sophie Scheder 🇩🇪 15.566

Seitz 15.533
Shang 15.433
Lopez 15.333

full results

The right podium, I’d say, though I’d love to have seen Shang take home a medal. Those are critically important in China.

FIG WTC should devalue the piked Stalder as did the men a few years ago. The big release routines should be winning. They are – in reality – much more difficult.

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3 thoughts on “Bars: Mustafina, Kocian, Scheder”

  1. I expected Shang Chunsong’s e-score to be higher. At first glance her execution looked similar to Mustafina and Kocian. I’ll probably go back and watch it again, but does someone know where the deductions may have come from. (Ie what did I miss?)


  2. Wow I knew if musty went first Madison would get screwed like I expected Madison was cleaner her hand stands were better and a almost stuck landing Madison should have won but going after musty it was in the judges hands and I knew maddy would get the short end of the stick she should have won I thought Mandy’s routine was def better too bad


    1. Tdog, Maddie did get a higher E score, so apparently the judges agreed with you. She just didn’t quite have enough tenths on the D score side. So there was nothing unfair here. Both performed beautifully, but the greater difficulty won. IMO, the ranking was appropriate and Mustafina deserved the gold.


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