Olympics brings religions together

Update – Several commenters have noted that Aliya’s father is of Tatar descent, where many are Muslim. But that Aliya has not declared her personal religious beliefs. The team in the past has visited the Russian Orthodox church before competitions.

Awe-inspiring performances in a close match-up between American gymnasts Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, and Russian Aliya Mustafina, are a cross-section of faith, race and nationality …

Olympic women’s all-around champions: A Christian, a Jew and a Muslim


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Rick Mc

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2 thoughts on “Olympics brings religions together”

  1. John Tesh and Al Trautwig approve this dreck…..the Olympic “spirit” also includes Lebanese bus-riders and Egyptian judo players doesn’t it?

    arguably, cynicism is sometimes warranted isn’t it?


  2. Religious groups are always quick to try and latch onto something that makes them seem positive.

    You were right Rick to point out Aliya has said nothing. Just because your parents are of a particular religion does not mean their offspring are, even if they have their kids baptised and take them to mass etc. There is no such thing as a religious gene.


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