the gymternet hates Al Trautwig

UPDATENBC’s Al Trautwig apologizes for comments on Simone Biles’ adoptive parents

Good news. Trautwig eventually did the right thing.

But browsing his twitter feed for the first time makes me less impressed than ever with the non-gymnastics expert on the NBC commentary team. He’s frequently arrogant, negative and combative.

I finally watched some NBC delayed prime time coverage last night.  They covered very few routines over a random time line.

Knowledgable gymnastics fans should follow instead the NBC web coverage with Jim Watson, Jonathan Horton and Courtney Kupets Carter. (NBC log-in required.) Or use a VPN to watch via the British coverage.

___ original post from Aug 7th:

This curmudgeonly tweet resulted in angry stream of replies.

Al Trautwig

Simone Biles was adopted by her grandparents. Simone calls them her parents. Mom & Dad.

Perhaps it’s time to throw out that old black & white TV.


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3 thoughts on “the gymternet hates Al Trautwig”

  1. What a vile tweet from Trautwig. His misogyny is well-documented. Now he’s insulting adopted children everywhere by claiming their adoptive parents are NOT their REAL parents. If he continues on NBC, it’ll be nothing more than the old boys’ club protecting one of their own. Time for Trautwig to go.


  2. It is truly unbelievable. Reading his posts I kept thinking “no this has to be a parody account.” He trades insults with with people who criticize him! Like petty insults. Aimee Boorman even responded to the tweet about Simone! Insanity. NBC needs to take away those Twitter privileges. #deleteyouraccount


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