Simone, Gabby, Aly to compete the AA

As expected, Simone and Gabby will compete the AA for USA. It looks like Aly Raisman will as well over Laurie Hernandez.

That means Laurie will not compete Bars in prelims.

Most likely line-ups in prelims:

Floor: Gabby, Laurie, Simone, Aly

Vault: Laurie, Gabby, Aly, Simone

Bars: Aly, Simone, Gabby, Madison

Beam: Gabby, Aly, Laurie, Simone

Click PLAY or watch Gabby’s Bars from podium on Facebook.

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12 thoughts on “Simone, Gabby, Aly to compete the AA”

  1. Well I saw that coming. Politics played again. I had a hunch Laurie would get rail roaded just like Maggie last year she’s been solid all year she’s new ; can have nerves at podium but Laurie deserve it and eared it but politics played once again


  2. Yeah, I am sad too. Kinda saw that coming too. I guess we can only hope that she will the the consolation prize of being able to do AA in TF. Probably won’t happen but that would so make my day if she gets to do AA in TF. her vt is a little lower than gabby but they could certainly absorb that few tenth less given how much better aly amanar looks.

    Her bars routine was a little while though.


  3. This is the game Marta plays, and it’s a fair game. The best 3 from podium training would be the 3 who do the AA in team prelims, and yesterday those 3 were Simone, Gabby and Aly. Gabby’s bars in particular were very strong with many more hit handstands than we saw from anyone else. And her beam was significantly improved from trials. I’m sure Laurie knew what the deal was before podium training like everyone else knew, and she’ll accept it. Getting pretty weary of all these capricious Gabby haters concocting all manner of conspiracy theories about why it worked out this way.


  4. Well, maybe but the thing is that this line up was made out before podium training starts implying that this decision was made before podium training even began.

    Maybe during those 9 camps days and rio training days gabby and aly consistently beat out laurie and we don’t know about?

    I do agree that laurie didn’t have her best bars routine there but then again it seems like they already kinda make up their mind even before podium training began.


  5. I think that at this point people just want to complain…about Gabby, “politics,” Marta, basically anything that moves. Gabby always gets the brunt of it and it’s really not fair to her. Marta has her reasons for choosing Gabby to do the AA. If you have any info on what went on at the training camp, please, enlighten us. Because that matters a lot more than what we saw at trials.


  6. Yes, they made of their minds before but it is clear that in this moment Laurie is not the strongest of the 3. Now I’d much prefer to see Laurie then either Gabby or Aly but if what we saw during podium training is what she has been doing then it is a perfectly acceptable decision.


    1. What are you talking about from prior to trials Laurie has looked better than both of them if we go by podium then makayla should have gotten it over gabby then so what’s your point I believe once the competition gets going Laurie will do just as good or better Laurie deserved it if we go by you reasoning she has been more consistent and has hit better than those two last I checked gabby and aly didn’t have good podiums at trails or national so let’s keep it real


    1. Your reasoning makes no sense if it’s by how podium is going then makayla should have gotten in over gabby. You’re the one who brought it up if you don’t want feedback then don’t bring it up. Because it’s not based on podium but politics Martha already had who she wanted in and Laurie got screwed


      1. I can take feedback but you don’t understand what I am saying. This has nothing to do with Olympic Trials at all which is old news. The decision was made based on the fact that Gabby, Aly, and Simone look better during training in the last few days including Olympic venue podium training.


        1. Obviously you can’t you keep contridicting yourself any common sense individual knows it politics Martha already had her picks her favorites Laurie would have gotten screwed any which way just like Maggie did last year you keep claiming two weeks ago don’t count your delusional. I’ll repeat it again it’s politics and favoritism I hope Laurie shines them up to shut you and the naysayers up


  7. I think people seem to missing the fact that Laurie isnt missing out on all around because of Gabby. She misses out because of Aly. Gabby was always going to do all around because she is there to do bars & with Madison there to do ONLY bars that means either Aly or Laurie miss out on AA.

    Yes Laurie beat her at trails, but a lot can change in 2 weeks. The goal is to peak AT the Olympics not two weeks before.

    Either way at the end of the day there will be an American left out of the all around with the ability to medal in the all around. That’s what happens when you have such a deep team! A problem a lot of other countries would die to have!


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