why Gabby will do the AA in Rio

Lauren Hopkins:

… Gabby was fifth at nationals last year and yet did the all-around – ahem, and won the world silver all-around medal – because she was a lock for a bars spot just like she is this year.

With Madison likely going up only on bars, it means the other four will all do vault, beam, and floor in qualifications, so Gabby getting a bars spot in addition to those three events automatically makes her an all-arounder. It’s literally that simple. …

You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

In a recent interview Kyle Shewfelt projected Simone, Gabby and Laurie in the AA. Aly to compete only 3 apparatus. That’s the most likely final decision … assuming all 4 are healthy and ready for prelims.

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2 thoughts on “why Gabby will do the AA in Rio”

  1. That means Madison gets cut out of bars EF contention then. Doesn’t make sense.

    Look at Gabby’s AA performance–it was not medals competitive during the 4 days of US competition.

    Makes more sense to let the 3 AAers we have who are medals contenders (Aly, Simone, Laurie) do AA. Have Madison do bars quals. And have Gabby not do bars quals. Yeah, it hurts our team quals a tiny bit but the scores don’t carry over and we are the clear front runner.

    Gabby is simply not an AA medals contender. The other option would be to sit Aly for bars (no AA for her) if we think that Gabby has a chance to get to bars EF. But there’s still no reason to need her on all the other events unless she is better than Madison on every single leg event.


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