British reserves training at home?

As reported by BritishGymnewstics.

That’s surprising. Team USA has 3 reserves in Rio following the same training regime as the named team. In case of disaster a replacement would be instant and seamless.

(via Couch Gymnast)

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One thought on “British reserves training at home?”

  1. It’s all about how much money the federation is willing to spend, etc. The US is willing and able to support 3 alternates with complementary skill sets onsite. It’s Marta’s philosophy of having back up on top of back up on top of back up.

    Yeah, that is crazy. The US is one of the better team that has 1 back up built into the team already. But they are definitely also having even more back up on top of that.

    Also part of me thinking that maybe that is a “reward” for the alternates also. If you look at the 3 alternates they are very much top Olympics caliber in their own right and would have been a welcome addition on any other team as an anchor for at least 1 event.


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