USAG buys the Karolyi Ranch Gym

… athlete and coach housing and recreational areas …

… the portion of the Karolyi Ranch that USA Gymnastics is purchasing is 36.2 acres and includes housing for 300 athletes, coaches and administrators; three training gyms, two artistic/acro and one multi-discipline (rhythmic, trampoline/tumbling); a dance studio; dining and recreational areas; medical and rehab facilities; and office space. The training gym for rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling was added in 2010.

The Karolyis first began training athletes at the Ranch in 1984. They will retain their personal residences, the Lodge and the remaining acreage. …



The geographic location is poor, of course. Something more central to everyone in the USA would have been better.

The Karolyis are expected to maintain a presence at the ranch, and USA Gymnastics is considering turning an older portion of the main gym — one lined with pictures, medals and trophies from major competitions dating back to the 1980s — into a museum to honor the Karolyi legacy. …

While Penny considers Aug. 24 as Karolyi’s official retirement date, there has been no decision yet on her replacement.

… “I’ve met with the coaches and told them our main goal is to get through Rio and not worry about making it a distraction.” …

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3 thoughts on “USAG buys the Karolyi Ranch Gym”

  1. I would love to see Valeri take over. And in that event something in Dallas would make more sense. Not sure this was all thought out well to buy the K ranch.

    The black helicopter part of me wonders if Marta went for Gabby at trials because of the ranch deal. Rhonda looked awful grim.


  2. The ranch is in the middle of no wear. A sport like Gymnastics at that level need medical facilities closer.
    We have the $$ just build what you need at The OTC in San Diego.


  3. San Diego is about as far from central as you can get! Are you thinking of the OTC in Colorado Springs? I think that’s where some of the men train.

    Not sure that a facility on either coast would be ideal. I would think Indy would be the chosen location due to being the headquarters of the USA Gymnastics. It would be an easy commute for the USA Gym folks, not too bad for the east coasters, excellent for the Midwesterners, decent for the Southerners, and at least a direct flight for the west coasters.

    I suspect USAG bought this and will use it for at least a few years — until they figure out the next step. They likely didn’t want to have to worry about building a facility and/or choosing a facility while also gearing up for the Olympics and the Karolyis retirement. TBH, Houston isn’t that bad of a location and is easy to get to (a ton of direct flights from almost anywhere and an easy drive for the Texas gals). I would just think that eventually the “Ranch” country idea would get old. But maybe the team actually likes it? As far as medical facilities, the ranch has a medical facility and the athletes are less than a hour drive (easy helicopter flight in severe circumstances) to some of the best medical facilities in the country. Plus, if they haven’t needed more medical facilities by now, I suspect it’s not a necessity.


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