when Marta walked into the room


“Finally, Martha came in and she was actually tearful,” Locklear said. “She said, ‘We made the decision and it was a really hard one.’ She couldn’t get it out because she was crying. … But then she did, and she named the team, and I wasn’t in the top five. So the tears came. … I thought, ‘Wow. Sixteen years of all this training. After all you’ve done, it’s over.’”

Karolyi paused, congratulated those five, and then went on to name the alternates. “My name was the second one called,” Locklear said, “and I was shocked because I didn’t think a specialist could be an alternate. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m on the Olympic team!’” …

Charlotte Observer


If she doesn’t compete, she will not receive a medal (the U.S. is heavily favored to win the team gold) because the alternates don’t get one. She will fly to Rio with the other U.S. gymnasts in early August, but she doesn’t get to stay or practice in the Olympic Village with her teammates. She and the other two alternates will be housed and continue their training just outside the Olympic Village, waiting for a call-up that may never come.

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One thought on “when Marta walked into the room”

  1. It’s too bad but I believe Ashton or skinner should have gotten it over gabby really seamed unimpressed didn’t really do well the reason for ub we could put up Madison and Ashton and been right there with China and Russia if they claim the other apparatus then skinner could be put on the other 3 she did better than gabby politics played they’ve wanted gabby on the team and it happened too bad politics and favorites played I believe Ashton would have been a great choice to take it to China and Russia on ub


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