top 5 AA gymnasts to Rio

Cordelia posted an interesting factoid:

All are aware that the P&G Championships and the US Olympic Team Trials are both qualifying competitions as spelled out in the selection procedures. If you look at the gymnasts AA scores over both competitions this is what you get:

1. Biles 248.25
2. Hernandez 241.65
3. Raisman 240.85
4. Douglas 235.25
5. Kocian 233.5
6. Smith 232.55
7. Skinner 232.1

As it turns out, the Olympic team that was chosen is composed of the top 5 AAers over the two competitions.

Certainly that’s not the only reason the American Olympic team was chosen as it was. They most likely picked top 3 AA … then filled in the best, reliable routines for the team final. I could still see Gabby being replaced if she’s not hitting Bars and Beam very consistently at training camp.

Gabby GK

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5 thoughts on “top 5 AA gymnasts to Rio”

      1. Marta pretty much placed a gambling bet selecting her… I dont see them back out unless injury… shw said that they willl have very regiment training esp for gabby… she is betting the house gabby will get back to top shape. .. I have my doubt but it doubt that they will replace her unless something extreme happen. .


        1. Um, no, it’s not a gamble. The US will win gold regardless of whether Gabby gets back to top shape, and with room to spare.


          1. I meant a gambling bet that gabby will be back to being a worthy AA competitor. Obviously, the US could select just about almost anyone else at trials in place of gabby and still can easily win team…


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