I Am Second® – Shawn Johnson

You could certainly agree that Shawn should have scored higher in the AA than Nastia in Beijing. It was very, very close.

Personally, I was happy with the ranking.

Here’s how Shawn looks back on that day.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

via Gymternet Clan

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4 thoughts on “I Am Second® – Shawn Johnson”

  1. SHOULD have? Or COULD have? Because should have is really inflammatory. Because she shot herself in the foot when she didn’t finish her Amanar and still got rewarded for it..


  2. I write this as someone who was rooting for Shawn in 2008. I’ve re-watched the All Around from the 2008 Beijing Olympics over and over. I always walk away with the same two impressions: (1) Nastia won but (2) the scores should have been closer. Shawn certainly did herself no favors that day. Frankly, she was lucky the judges credited her with the Amanar. She definitely under-rotated it. It was barely a 2 1/4 twist, much less 2 1/2. Shawn had some nits and slight errors here and there on both beam and bars. Nastia stuck her beam dismount as well as her vault landing.

    Nastia, however, was overscored a bit on both bars and floor. Shawn was a little underscored on floor. But overall, I think Nastia still won, albeit by maybe a couple tenths instead of sixth tenths as the final scores say. My big picture impression of that day was that Nastia was a bit more “on” than Shawn and her execution was not only a bit cleaner, but Nastia showed off her beautiful lines, flexibility, and ability to simply make her gymnastics look prettier. It all added up to gold for Nastia.

    Shawn certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Team Silver was a disappointment for the USA that year, but China was always going to be tough to beat on their home turf. Floor Silver was a great result. Being objective in watching Floor EF, Sandra Izbasa’s routine deserved gold. And Shawn’s beam gold was spot on. Shawn had nary a wobble that day. It’s sad to hear in the above video that she walked away with a medal haul like that feeling disappointed. So much pressure on such young shoulders. I hope Simone and the other girls are proud of what they accomplish regardless of the medal color.


  3. I think this series (while nice to hear someone at her level open up and share her honest feelings), is almost defamatory. While I agree that Nastia def had the better DAY, I hate to hear stories about ppl at the pinnacle of greatness in such a difficult sport, be gutted.

    I just can’t cosign such a somber video (which was way more abt personal emotions and issues) end w ‘I am 2nd!’

    I hope that one day we will be brought back to that day where MAKING the Olympics (esp for US gymnasts) is an honor, and WINNING a silver > LOSING a gold.


  4. Wow, that was really sad to listen to. It’s such a shame that someone so good can have those self-esteem issues. I think coaches need to not only teach gymnastics skills, but also life skills so that they are ready for those situations and can handle any outcome.

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