Madison Kocian – Olympian

I do like Maddie as the Bar specialist for Rio. This way Simone mostly likely won’t have to compete Bars in team finals.

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Ashton Locklear is almost as good a choice. If Madison is injured or ill before the Games, certainly Ashton will replace her.

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “Madison Kocian – Olympian”

  1. Not sure if I agree with your statement completely that maddie is there so simone won’t have to do ub in TF. She is there on her own merit of how much she can bring the score up on this one event along that she doing.

    The person that’s there to allow simones to rest bar in TF is actually laurie or gabby. Since gabby is only doing bars in TF (and maybe vt, but hernanadez is getting better there too), I would say she’s there (instead of mykayla) so simones can rest bars during TF.


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