Karolyi Ranch documentary

Somebody posted a copy of the NBC documentary on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (46min)

Balance Beam Situation posted a very funny recap – AMERICAN HORROR STORY: THE RANCH. 🙂

It originally aired on NBC on June 24th before the first night of the P&G Women’s Championships. For some reason NBC can’t find a way to sell shows like this internationally.

Marta Karolyi and the Ranch get too much credit for the success of the American women’s program. USAG should move training camps around the U.S. Or pick a more accessible location – Colorado Springs, for example.

related – Nancy Armour: Life after Martha Karolyi looms for U.S. women

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One thought on “Karolyi Ranch documentary”

  1. It’s a fluf piece 🙂 actually a little less fluffy than made in America. I think the number 1 credit is the gymnasts themselves.

    I do think they should have a 2nd location as a back up facility if nothing else. Also nice to have a change of scene every now and then…


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