choosing the American Olympic team

Day 1 was an excellent competition. Fast and exciting. The USA has incredible gymnasts right now.

Here are the results.

One scenario is to take the top 3 AA. Even though Laurie was overscored day 1, I’d still call her top 3 AA. Especially for her Bars / Beam.

Simone Biles 61.850
Laurie Hernandez 60.850
Aly Raisman 59.950


In that scenario you need choose who could help in the 3-up, 3-count team final. Here are the top 3 on each apparatus from day 1.

VAULT top 3

BARS top 3
Ashton & Madison

BEAM top 3

FLOOR top 3

Despite Gabby’s poor meet day 1 – and the surprise that Christian would coach her on the floor instead of Kittia – she’s still got a good shot. You could argue to have Gabby Douglas and Madison Kocian #4 and #5.


more photos

Marta famously likes consistency, however. She wants athletes who can hit routines over and over in training. Every day. Gymnasts like Aly Raisman.

At least 2 of the alternates should be strong AA competitors who could step in on any apparatus in case of injury / illness to someone on the team. They’ll train at a Gym in Rio until the very last minute.

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