Alyssa Baumann withdraws from trials

Alyssa Baumann Injured, Withdraws from Olympic Trials

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As most of you know I am supposed to be competing in the Olympic trials next week, but yesterday during training I hurt my elbow. It will require surgery very soon. I never thought this would happen. This is obviously not how I wanted things to end, and I'm still in shock and completely devastated. I can't thank everyone enough for their support and for always believing me. My coaches have put absolutely everything into me and it kills me that I can't show off their hard work. My teammates/friends have been there for me through more than anyone can imagine, I love you all. This is a reminder to never take anything for granted because it can all be over in an instant. Of course I will be cheering for Team USA from home, wishing the best of luck to all the girls at trials and the Olympics. (especially Madison Kocian) All I ever wanted along this journey was to show the world what I was capable of and to inspire others. I hope I did that. xo

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Terrible timing.

Alyssa is one of those inspiring future generations of gymnasts around the world.

Jazzy Foberg, Bailie Key and Norah Flately will not be competing. Gymnastics is a dangerous sport. At any one time a high percentage of gymnasts are injured. 😦

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