College Gymnastics humour

Myia Hambrick from LSU is funny.

She posted a humour piece online. A listicle.

Being a college gymnast is an exciting and unique experience; it’s basically our full-time job. To give you some insight on things only gymnasts have to worry about, here is Jess from “New Girl”.

For example:

# 10. Basically having to cut off the leotard after a meet.

First off, getting into those sequined spandex suits (say that three times fast!), is difficult. They are meant to be tight so as not to get in the way of your gymnastics, but sometimes after sweating during a meet and the copious amounts of hairspray that falls on you, they are even more difficult to get off! Plus, when you’re shimmying out of them you have to be careful not to make any of the rhinestones fall off or ripping any of the seams!

College Gymnastics As Told By Jess From New Girl

Click through for more.


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