Cottbus World Cup Finals day 2

1 Katarzyna Jurkowska Poland 14.033
2 Sophie Scheder Germany 13.900
3 Sanne Wevers Netherlands 13.666

Click PLAY or watch the Gold medal Beam routine on Facebook.

1 Lisa Top Netherlands 13.600
2 Katarzyna Jurkowska Poland 13.533
3 Sophie Scheder Germany 13.333

full WAG results

Click PLAY or watch Lisa’s FX on YouTube.

Read the gymmapstics report.

1. Verniaiev, Oleg UKR 15,233
2. Qu, Ruiyang CHN 14,899
3. Gischard, Benjamin SUI 14,833

Click PLAY or watch Gischard on YouTube. Handspring front 2 1/2 twist first vault.

P Bars
1. Nguyen, Marcel GER 15,666
2. Baumann, Christian SUI 15,500
3. Dauser, Lukas GER 15,366

H Bar
1. Verniaiev, Oleg UKR 14,966
2T Baumann, Christian SUI 14,766
2T Braegger, Pablo SUI 14,766

Full results MAG & WAG are linked from this page. Amanda Turner’s report on the last day of Finals is here.

Is International Gymnast magazine EVER going to update the functionality of their website? 🙂

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