Men’s African Championships FINALS

1. Mohamed Bourguieg (Algeria) 14.350 pts
2. Wissem Harzi (Tunisia) 14.300 pts
3. Mohamed Aouicha (Algeria) 14.100 pts

1. Mohamed Aouicha (Algeria) 14.750 pts
2. Hillel Metidji (Algeria) 14.250 pts
3. Wissem Harzi (Tunisia) 14.150 pts

1. Ali Zahran Ramadan (Egypt) 15.150 pts
2. Tarek Shalaby (Egypt) 14.150 pts
3. Mohamed Bourguieg (Algeria) 13.750 pts


Click PLAY or watch Ali Zahran Ramadan on Facebook. Best Victorian position I’ve ever seen.

1. Mohamed Bourguieg (Algeria) 14.725 pts
2. Hamza Hossaini (Morocco) 14.425 pts
3. Mohamed Moubarek (Algeria) 13.850 pts

1. Mohamed Bourguieg (Algeria) 14.250 pts
2. Hillel Metidji (Algeria) 14.200 pts
3. Harzi Wissem (Tunisia) 13.900 pts

Click PLAY or watch Metidji on Facebook.

1. Mohamed Raghib (Algeria) 13.950 pts
2. Ahmed Almaraghy (Algeria) 13.450 pts
3. Mohamed Bourguieg (Algeria) 12.950 pts.


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