video – Marcela Lopez – Aerobic Gymnastics

The 2006 Women’s Individual World Champion in Aerobic Gymnastics is Marcela Lopez of Brazil.

I am always blown away by this sport. The extreme fitness and high energy is impressive. And what is about Brazil that they develop so many high level acrobatic athletes?

competition photos – Volker Minkus, FIG

Click PLAY to see Marcela’s routine in finals or watch it on YouTube.

Interview with Marcela Lopez (ML) who trains about 25hrs / week:

IAF HQ: Tell us about your exercise history …

ML: “I have always practiced many sports, for example: from age four to seven years old, I was part of a group called COD (a groups of sport orientation) where I basically initiated my “sportive” life.

I learned a little about everything related to sports. From age seven to 10, I practiced classical ballet , jazz dance, and rhythmic gymnastics (GR), in addition to the sports played in school like volleyball and handball.

Since the age of 10, I found myself in aerobics. It was then that I quit rhythmic gymnastics; however, I continued with ballet and with jazz dance. At age 14, I stopped jazz and graduated from ballet. I stopped ballet at age 15, but I today I continue dancing in shows and presentations.

I later I got into “Capoeira”, a sport that I practise until today along with the sportaerobics.”

read the full interview – IAF Sport Aerobics

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