Icer Air 2006 – report

UPDATE: Riders and Skiers Weigh In On Icer Air Safety Issues

How do they get insurance for these big snow ramps?

The ski ramp itself was pretty impressive, about 160 feet high with the approach ramp starting at the scoreboard. Pretty hairy landing, one mistake sending you into the side of the ramp over wood steps into a barrier. Whoever put up the jump wasn’t thinking much about safety. Though I didn’t see any bad crashes, one of the women evidently crashed hard into the wooden steps and another fell before the kicker lip into a net, causing the women’s competition to be cancelled. The men’s competition was also hampered by the bad conditions of the snow (think skiing on a slurpee) melting under the hot sun. It was hard to get enough speed to pull off anything huge, but they did a good job with what they had. Regardless, for $10 this was a great show.

Get Outdoors – Icer Air 2006 Results – Outdoor Blog


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