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I was reminded by a thread on the IG forum of that great old school dismount. Back in the day it was competed by many girls, especially the ones who did not like flyaways.

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That’s Nellie Kim competing it with a full twist. But it’s today a banned skill in the F.I.G. Code of Points administered by her Technical Committee. Happily, it’s still allowed in some levels of competition, including NCAA.

It went by many names depending on where you lived: “Spank Back”, “Whip Salto”, … Also, butt beat, Munich Salto, …

Update: Chris, of Coaching Gymnastics in the new Millennium , sends us this link: Biography – Joyce Tanac-Schroeder. The skill was, at one time, named after her.

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  1. At our gym we used to call it a Munich Salto. I remember a lot of girls using it back in the day. I never heard it called a Tanic. I always just assumed it was popular around the times of the Munich Olympics and that was the origin of the name. If it was called a Tanic I learned something today.

  2. Thank you very much for posting. This dismount is gorgeous and it`s a pity it`s forbidden in ellite competitions (another absurd FIG rule). I think standing-on-the-bars or sitting-on-the-bars elements should be allowed. That would bring more variety of rythm to the bars exercises and they would become more interesting to watch.

  3. I think the dismount is taken from Nelly’s 1980 routine. One of my favourite UB routines ever (even tough Nelly was never considered a brilliant UB worker)

  4. I would pay money to see a college gymnast do a front hip circle like that in competition. It’s almost comedy.

  5. banned for men too? Always?

    And do any women do front hechts over the bar as a release? I think the look stunning in a Superman flying sort of way, when you see a man clearing the bar fully upright, feet well higher than the bar.

  6. we called it a butt beat. i saw a girl tear her acl doing it. obviously, she wasn’t too good at completing her full twist before landing.

  7. I did one of these (without the twist) back in the day! I did it off the low bar. I was holding the high bar, beat the low bar, let go and then bounced off the back of my thighs and did a flip. This was the early 80’s…

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