FINA World Series of Diving

The FINA Diving World Series is a diving competition series held annually since 2007.

This series is held around the world (the current series includes 4 events) where the divers collect points depending on their results to determine the World Series champions.

This series is reserved for only the best divers in the World …

Check the list of winners in the run up to Rio. And the prize money they were awarded – FINA/NVC DIVING WORLD SERIES 2016 – RANKING

Jennifer Abel
Jennifer Abel

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judging Artistry is impossible

That’s my opinion.

Therefore Artistry should not be part of ranking gymnasts in any Code of Points.

Science of Gymnastics Journal 2014:

Due to its nature and relatively poor definitions in the Code of points, judging of artistry may suffer from serious flaws in reliability and validity.

We have used the balance beam artistry evaluation forms given by 5 execution judges at World Championship in Tokyo 2011 to analyze reliability and validity. Data on 194 competitors was gathered.

Deductions were received by a highly variable number of competitors from separate judges in the same components of artistry. The variability of average total artistry deduction was relatively large …

We conclude that neither reliability nor validity of artistry judging was satisfactory in this analysis. …


We can evaluate Execution and Difficulty in reliable ways. And come up with a score that would be consistent meet to meet, panel to panel.

Artistry could be rewarded by a separate (subjective) panel. Something like the Longines Elegance Award, but with a much better panel of evaluators.

Give this guy an award. 😊

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Photo by Andrew Eccles
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Photo by Andrew Eccles

sports for gymnasts AFTER they retire

Artistic gymnasts make great circus artists. Doing stunts for TV and films can pay the bills.

Track & Field (especially Pole Vault)
Martial Arts

7 Sports to Consider When You Retire Your Leo


Olympic Diving qualifications

Diving at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Qualification

… a total of 136 athletes coming from the different nations; each has been allowed to enter not more than 16 divers (up to eight males and eight females) with only two in individual events and a pair in synchronized events …

‘I’m absolutely shocked,’ says Jamaican diver after winning World Cup silver and place at Rio 2016 Olympic Games


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crazy acrobatics compilation

Greg Roe:

A compilation of worlds best trampoline , gymnastics , tumbling , parkour , freerunning , blobbing , bmx , skateboarding , skiing , snowboarding , skydiving from athletes around the world who are talented and amazing at what they do. My favourites that have been submitted to me from my facebook fanpage or instagram.

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