Patrick Kiens – new Romanian Head Coach

Patrick Kiens, known as Eythora Thorsdottir‘s former coach who has recently done some work choreographing for Austria and Romania, was recently named as the new head coach for the Romanian national team.

I haven’t seen an official announcement from the federation, but this news item discussing the makeup of the national team for 2023, Kiens is listed as the head coach alongside with Corina Morosan, Gina Gogean Groza, Ramona Micu, and Catalin Meran as the assistant coaches.

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2 thoughts on “Patrick Kiens – new Romanian Head Coach”

  1. He undermines a great talent, Sabrina Voinea. I am a Romanian from Holland, me and my husband are a big fan of Sabrina, she is very talented. Almost like Nadia. Sabrina won an international fame, great talent Why is he against her ? What is his reason ?


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