Ukrainian team to Worlds

Valeriia Osipova won gold in the all-around at the Ukrainian Championships last week. …

Osipova, Kasianenko, Kozlovska, Diana Savelieva and Yelyzaveta Hubareva are on the nominative roster for Worlds and all five took part in the Ukrainian Championships in Kyiv.

The competition ended a day earlier due to Russian missile strikes on Kyiv. …

– on the last day of the competition, they spent eight hours in a bomb shelter, according to another Ukrainian gymnast Daniela Batrona. The day after, the gymnasts spent five hours in the shelter and had to deal with blackouts as the electricity infrastructure across Ukraine had been damaged by the strikes. …

Ukrainians need visas to enter the UK and the UK Consulate in Kyiv is closed due to the war, so they will need to travel to Poland to get their visas. Since all air travel in Ukraine has been suspended, they will have to go to Warsaw by train with two train changes. They will spend the next 12 days in Poland before flying to Liverpool. …

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One thought on “Ukrainian team to Worlds”

  1. I have seen a Ukrainian Boy On Instagram Doing Some Amazing Spins on Very basic Playground Stuff .I believe with a bit of help and coaching and good equipment he will go very far
    His Name On Instagram Is
    “nazardcp” How can this lad get the professional help he needs to Excel in his sport.


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