Brazil has never been stronger

When Brazil beat the United States at the 2022 Pan American Gymnastics Championships, Rebeca Andrade said this win was “for the girls that are coming up and the ones who came before us.” …

Among those in the stands were Jade Barbosa, Daiane dos Santos, and Lais Souza. They were three of the most important trailblazers in the history of Brazil’s women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG) program. …

Jade Barbosa (L), Lais Souza (M) and Daiane Dos Santos (R)

On Instagram Barbosa has 740K followers. Lais Souza has 709K even though her last Olympic appearance was 2008. Daiane dos Santos has 330K followers even though the most famous portion of her career came in the 2001-2004 Olympic cycle. Hypolito has 478K, Flavia Saraiva has 1 million, and Rebeca Andrade has 2.2 million. …

The Medal Count – Glory of Brazilian Gymnastics

With Russia out of World Championships 2022, you have to count Brazil amongst those nation that could end up on the team podium.

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