Russian gymnast wears military symbol in Doha

It looks like Ivan Kulyak decided to affix a Russian Army symbol for an Awards ceremony in Doha.

Khorkina has shared the same symbol on social networks.

She holds the rank of colonel in the Russian army and is married to a general.

As much as I’m sympathetic for those Russians who only want PEACE with Ukraine, this is why Russia must be banned until Putin withdraws.

The list of Putin supporters grows shorter each day.

Civilians in Ukraine are being killed by Russian bombs. We have to stand with Ukraine in every non-violent way possible.

Ukraine in Doha

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5 thoughts on “Russian gymnast wears military symbol in Doha”

  1. Disagree. If you allow some to make demonstrations (BLM, pro-Ukraine, whatever), you should allow all. That’s freedom of speech. By the way, I’m fine with banning it all, though. But not one perspective, even the popular one to ban.

    P.s. Gotta ban those kittens and Dostoevsky also.


    1. This is nonsense. One, “freedom of speech” is an American law that doesn’t apply to other countries and definitely not to events in Germany and, two, Google “Paradox of Tolerance.” Tolerating intolerance, a.k.a. equating all speech and viewpoints as equally valid and accepted, will only lead to fascism, allowing the intolerant to take over society. Allowing those who have no respect for freedom, peace and equality to speak in the name of any of those things cedes to them the power. In order to have an actually polite, civil and, yes, tolerant society we must not tolerate intolerance.


      1. I’ll also add that most Americans don’t even slightly understand what “their freedom of speech” actually means. You’re constitutionally protected from having your speech censored BY THE GOVERNMENT. That’s it. Private corporations, clubs, groups, organizations and events, etc. can absolutely limit what is said in their halls, on their platforms, at their events, etc. And even your freedom from government interference has strict limits, including huge carve outs for national security and emergencies.

        So, yeah, no one “has to” give anyone a platform to promote war crimes on an international stage. And equating civil rights demonstrations to celebrating Putin’s illegal war, even in a casual sense, is both extremely telling and wildly disingenuous. The argument of an extremely unserious person.

        There’s a clear difference between just and unjust causes, and it’s perfectly acceptable–arguably a moral imperative, even– to say so loudly and unequivocally.


  2. Russia needs to be banned permanantly. Not just until Putin withdraws. There need to be real consequences. Russia is not only killing innocent civilians but is also using state-sponsored doping to win medals. Let’s take a tougher stand on this.


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