dangerous Olympic Finals warmups

The FIG needs to allow a touch warmup before someone “entertainingly” breaks their neck on live TV. …

The Olympic Gymnastics Event Finals Are Unsatisfying and Unsafe

… there isn’t a one-touch warmup in the apparatus finals of world and Olympic competition. It was eliminated in 2001 by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). …

… gymnasts, both past and present, hate this rule, why does it remain in place? The answer is simple and cynical: TV broadcasts. When USA Gymnastics petitioned in 2010 to have the one-touch reinstated for the apparatus final, FIG rejected this proposal

Gymnasts Say They Need Apparatus Warmups Back. That Should Be Enough

YES the Apparatus Finals are too slow.


Judging. 😕

It should be easy and quick to evaluate 8 athletes for whom you know the routines.

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One thought on “dangerous Olympic Finals warmups”

  1. The ‘slowness’ of EFs in Tokyo might also have had something to do with the 20 minute medal ceremonies that were held individually after each event. Much more disruptive to the broadcast than 5 minutes of warm-up.


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