Xiao deducted 0.3 for not saluting

On his last apparatus, Xiao failed to salute the judges after his Horizontal Bar dismount, incurring a 0.3 penalty.

The deduction did not change his medal standing.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Not as bad as Manrique Larduet 2015.

One of the very first things young kids learn about competition is how to “present” and “salute”.

Respect for the judges

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “Xiao deducted 0.3 for not saluting”

  1. Larduet salutes at 00:59. Granted after a bunch of posing for the crowd first.

    Xiao looks like he 100% blew it off.

    So, no, Larduet was not worse. Xiao was worse.

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